Aug 31, 2016

September 2016 Planner Setup with DIYFish and Sew Much Crafting

**Please be forewarned that this post is very picture heavy and probably quite long.**

This lovely little beauty is my Limited Edition Teal Kikki K in medium size with a rose gold leaf pattern. You can find it on the Kikki K website here. I use it as my everyday carry (EDC) and it holds everything. I don't use a separate planner or notebook for any aspect of my life.

Inside my front cover I have a few Target Bullseye page flags that I use for forward planning and the short Kikki K notepad that came with the planner. It is a quick way to jot down things while I'm on the go without showing someone inside my planner. Behind the secretarial pocket I keep important papers like my ultrasound pictures and upcoming doctor appointment card. My dashboard was custom made by Pink Bow Ties. As of the writing of this post, her shop is on vacation.

This is my post it note dashboard. I use these for items and notes that need to be placed in my planner and dealt with at a later time. The colored flags on the top right side are only used in my project planning section.

Aug 28, 2016

Why I Plan

I figured my first post would be a good time to describe everything I have going on in life and why I need a planner to manage it all. I touched on it briefly in my About page but I decided to give more detail.

This is in no particular order of importance.

1. I am a stay at home/work at home mom. I work online on various projects as they come up but they are not consistent. Within my household I have to manage all family members schedules, bill paying, meal planning, and the normal cleaning and household maintenance.

2. I am a full time Special Education major. Self-explanatory as far as school work.

3. I am PTA Vice President at my son's school.

4. My 6 year old son attends a performing arts school so in addition to normal school activities he also has music, dance, and instrument recitals.

5. I have a baby due in January.

6. I am getting married in July of next year and wedding planning has been put on the back burner until after the baby comes.

7. My fiance is a chef and also decided to get another degree in Nutrition Science.

Throw in the usual doctor appointments, family activities, and other things that go along with managing a family and you will see that I have a lot on my hands.

Nothing that my trusty planner can't handle.

What type of things do you have to manage? Why do you plan?