Sep 5, 2016

3 Day Weekends Are Not All Fun

Now don't get me wrong, I love a 3 day weekend as much as the next person. I love the extra days to hang out with my family and just kind of chill.

What I don't like is the day after a 3 day weekend.

I actually had pretty high hopes of being productive on Labor Day. Not necessarily the brightest idea, but hey I can dream right. My preggo belly and my fiance had other plans in mind. Both of them thought I was working too hard and doing too much and I needed to rest. So rest I did.

Then came time to plan out the day after.

Now I have this ridiculous to-do list that pretty much all has to get done on this day.  If they don't, every day after just becomes a ridiculously long to-do list because of it.

I did manage to schedule a nap/rest time into this day. Maybe next time I should schedule a whole day of rest.


  1. I am fascinated at how much your tasks are like mine.

    And yes, taking a long weekend or any holiday leaves me with a too long list.

    Kristy aka Giftie

    1. I think between managing a household, kids, blogging, and working from home those tasks are going to be similar.

  2. I know what you mean about a 3 day weekend. Sometimes it just means that the rest of the week is going to be 5 days crammed into 4. I'm all for scheduling rest as much as you can. :)

    1. I actually didn't rest that day and I got all of the tasks done but boy did I crash the next day. Hubs was off work and I didn't even get out of bed.