Sep 26, 2016

How I Plan: Monthly Planning Process with DIYFish vCarie

Here is the 3rd installment of my How I Plan series.

My monthly planning process includes the following steps:

1. Check future planning calendar and transfer all dates, appointments, and events to my monthly spread.

2. List all tasks and projects that need to be completed this month. Some of them may be a rollover from the previous month if they were not completed. (Please see my project planning process to get an idea of how I decide what projects to work on each month.)

3. Break down my projects based on the week that I think I can work on them.

4. Schedule recurring task flags.


  1. This is a great review> I am going to watch the video now. Some idea's for my own planner :)

  2. Clear description of how to use v Carie and color coordination. Look forward to the others in the series. Will subscribe. I think I see why you do Forward Planning separate from Monthly, but not sure. However I don't and my month pages can get messy. Do the Forward Planning pages take up a lot of room in your personal planner?

  3. My forward planning pages are Sew Much Crafting Month on 2 pages and even with the excellent paper quality it doesn't take up a lot of room. The forward planning calendars are essential to keeping my main calendars clutter free. I tend to write events and happenings that my son or our family would like to attend on the forward planning calendar. Once I get to the month amd start planning, we are unable to attend a lot because of more important appointments so it helps to not have to white out all that extra stuff.

  4. Planning process enquirers about organizational strengths and weaknesses and involves decision making about desired ways and means to achieve them. Usually the same steps are followed by managers in all the cases of planning.